photography and journal by Mitchell Prinns

I have a lot of faith in my mom, but I'll never trust her to help me pack my car up for a road trip ever again. She did feel bad when I called her after 6+ hours of driving to ask her where my sleeping bag was, quickly realizing that she'd mistaken that sack it was stored in for my dirty laundry. I wouldn't say that that mishap positively contributed to the trip (in fact it drained my bank account $100 for a new one), but I never thought a weekend full of rain would make an experience better. I had hoped to hike not worrying about slipping and sliding around in the mud, but the rain did make its mark on the park. The colors of the rocks were incredibly vibrant after being soaked for a few days. Small waterfalls popped up in every gap between cliffs. And the "small" falls that were described on the informational signs were gushing off of the peaks. My travel companions and I were soaked and cold, but we saw Zion like few people get to.

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